As a millennial, I’m used to being immediately paired with at least three stereotypes upon every introduction. However, the more millennials I meet, the more I see that there is a common ground we all stand on outside of our love for smartphones, reality T.V. and memes: We WANT to give back in some way shape or form, and we are really motivated to do so! A study from the annual Millennial Impact Report says, “Millennials remain passionate about their desire for a better world for more people.”

Now that we know millennials share a deep, common desire to give back, it’s important to ask ourselves, what do we have to give, and how we can give? Each year around this time, our inboxes flood with donation asks and the creeping pressure to give more of our time and money here, there and everywhere. Giving can be overwhelming, so I’ve put together this short list of tips for how to decide what to give, and how: to millennials, from a millennial.

  1. Donating time. You don’t have to have money to make a real impact. Financial contributions aren’t always the easiest or best way to give back. So many organizations offer amazing volunteer opportunities that you can even partake in with a group of friends or coworkers. If your company offers a volunteer program, you can even get PAID to make a difference! Visit our Engage Your Workplace page to learn more.
  2. Donating your support. Advocacy is so important for causes. At Rise Against Hunger, we make it as easy as signing a pledge. You can sign ours here!
  3. Donating your vacation time. Calling all travel bugs! You can actually visit some of the most amazing destinations in the world AND give back. Rise Against Hunger offers trips to countries around the world with our partner, Global Volunteers.
  4. Donating financially. This one is not applicable to everyone, but if you happen to have a few dollars in your pocket this season, it’s always smart to research the various organizations who are seeking donations. You can read our Annual Report to see the real impact your donation to Rise Against Hunger will make! Donating online is easy and only takes a few seconds to complete!

Whether it’s time, advocacy, your next vacation or a financial contribution, it’s absolutely vital to make sure we are using our extra resources toward causes that are making the change that WE would like to see in the world. Let’s add a new stereotype to the millennial name: world changers!

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