Kalpana Subbaramappa

Kalpana Subbaramappa is an engineer in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and also holds a Masters in Information Technology.  Kalpana is […]

Sherebanu Milky

Dr Sherebanu Milky is Homoeopathic Physician, Dietician & Nutritionist and a Nutrigenetic Counselor with over 20 years of experience.  She […]

Samit Pal

As the Programs Manager, Samit Kumar Pal is responsible for smooth and effective implementation of projects in Clusters in the […]

Sumit Beri

Sumit looks after Rise Against Hunger India activities in Delhi and nearby States. He works closely with field partners in […]

Hatim Dawasaz

Hatim is a founding trustee and the Settler of Rise Against Hunger India. Hatim works for Cisco Systems as IT Operations Manager and Global […]

Hatim Amreliwala

Hatim is a successful entrepreneur dealing with real estate, mall-management and other ventures.  His company, Integrated Mall Management & Retail Solutions, […]