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Advocacy at Rise Against Hunger

Looking for ways to make a BIG impact in the fight against world hunger? Sign up today to become a hunger champion!

Part of Rise Against Hunger’s mission is to create a movement to end hunger. Advocacy is interwoven into every part of the movement at Rise Against Hunger and a vital activity in which our volunteers can actively engage. Rise Against Hunger defines advocacy as engaging and empowering people toward changing laws, policies, systems and attitudes to end hunger by 2030.

As an advocate, you’ll develop a greater awareness of hunger policy and the impact of advocacy as you gain the skills you need to take action. We’ll work to ensure that policy makers enact stronger, more effective hunger legislation.

Please sign our Advocacy pledge below. Let’s join our voices and urge our political leaders to make hunger, poverty and increased opportunity a priority. Together, we can create the political will to put the world on track to end hunger.

Become a Hunger Champion