Rise Against Hunger India partners with grassroots organizations, community groups and institutions to deliver programs and services.  These partners support a variety of development programs that work with members of the community to meet their basic needs and create long-term, sustainable change.  We receive application from field partners across the country to extend support.  Before empaneling an organization for partnership, we undertake a due-diligence and field scrutiny process  that assesses the capabilities of the organizations including their ability to provide regular reporting on the services rendered to the communities.

Partnership opportunities are now open for grassroots organization to implement our new SAMBAL (creating a sustainable resource base for food and nutrition insecure households) project in selected Districts.

Prospective Partners of rise against hunger india

At Rise Against Hunger India, we believe healthy, educated and empowered communities are the key to ending world hunger. We invest our food and other aid in programs that teach children and adults, or that provide health care and other services. These programs promote well-being and equip participants with the skills and knowledge to become active participants in the workforce and in their communities.  We also engage with grassroots organizations  for sustainable livelihood and food security solution.  Usually, we do small scale, innovative pilot projects focused on agriculture, livelihood security, skill enhancement, market development etc.   For crisis response, we keep  ourselves ready by having a list of pre-screened credible partner organizations that are able to respond quickly and effectively to support those who suffer through crises of all types, natural or man-made.

We are now receiving partnership applications from grassroots organization for our SAMBAL (creating a sustainable resource base for food and nutrition insecure households) project.  To learn  more about this and other partnership opportunities (meal distribution, crisis response and other engagements), please read below.

Partnership opportunities for COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT Projects

Rise Against Hunger India has identified a group of Districts based on their demographics, nutritional and health indicators for its sustainable livelihood program.  In the identified clusters, which can be called the hunger hotspots of India,  we partner with grassroots organizations directly engaged at the community level, to implement food-security projects.  The process is structured in a manner to encourage community groups to identify their key challenges and find alternatives.

A new initiative known as SAMBAL (creating a sustainable resource base for food and nutrition insecure households) – has been launched recently and the application window is now open for grassroots organizations.  Eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicant organization must be registered as a Trust, Society, Cooperative or FPO
  2. Annual Turnover from all sources must be less than 25 lakhs (2.5 million rupees) per annum
  3. Willing to work on a small grant support program
  4. Must be registered in the region for which it is applying and must have a presence of at least 3 years in the cluster
  5. Must have a functional Board (must have met regularly for the past 2 years

Visit this page for detailed guidelines and application form.


Rise Against Hunger India distributes about 70 percent of meals packaged annually to organizations who operate ongoing education, health and empowerment programs.  Majority of our partners are largely from around urban locations, primarily because all our meal packaging events take place in city locations so organizing transport and logistics were the main issues.  During the past year or so, we have started partnering with NGOs  in rural areas.  Over the next few years, we aim to direct our meals and food assistance programs to select hunger hot-spots in the country.

NGOs interested in partnering with us (primarily receiving meals) are encouraged to download Application Form_New NGOs_Food Suport and send the signed copy along with supporting documents to info@riseagainsthungerindia.org.  Our team will respond after reviewing this application.


Crisis Response Partnership Opportunities

Since its inception, Rise Against Hunger  India has responded in times of crisis.  We have been able to deliver food items and other life-saving items during natural disasters, primarily because of the strong network of partnership that we have established on the ground.  Partner NGOs bring direct contact and relationship with communities, and they are able to respond faster in a crisis situation due to proximity to the local communities.  It helps us to have an active database of NGOs from across the country to be able to respond quickly when an emergency strikes.

To apply to become a Crisis Response Partner, please click here to download our Crisis Response Partnership Form

Prospective Partner FAQ

  • Food assistance – Vitamin-fortified rice-dal food packets, packaged by volunteers .
  • Other product donations (subject to availability) include: medical supplies, family kits (with essential household supplies), water filters, hygiene and healthcare items for babies and feminine hygiene products
  • Technical assistance in meeting monitoring and evaluation requirements
  • Grants to partners for programs that will support the achievement of one or more of the following impacts:
    • Vulnerable populations have the capacity to be food secure
    • Food systems are equitable and resilient
    • An enabling policy environment promotes food security
  • Ensure safe transport and storage of Rise Against Hunger India provisions to the partner’s program implementation areas
  • Have complete, documented oversight of all Rise Against Hunger India meal distributions
  • Implement programming that leverages further development through education, medical care and other development programs
  • Store the meals in a secure, contaminant-free location
  • Be able to apply minimum standards in monitoring and reporting and be able to clearly articulate beneficiary targeting criteria
  • Provide field reports, pictures and case studies on a regular basis

As already explained above, Rise Against Hunger India does not currently cover transportation cost. Each partner is responsible for organizing their transport. We believe that this cost sharing promotes partner accountability and encourages them to treat food provision of Rise Against Hunger India as an investment and not a free donation.

We are not a grant making agency and therefore, we do not accept unsolicited grant requests.

Do you have additional questions? Rise Against Hunger India will be happy to respond to your questions – just send an email to info@riseagainsthungerindia.org